EL-Gouna State Of Mind!

Heaven do exist in Egypt, not in a need to travel abroad you can actually have real fun just 4 hours away in your country!

ElGouna is not just a place or a destination it has a specific taste to those who travel there, they need a unique experience to suit there style not like the sahel normal days.

I used to spend the whole summer in Gouna with family & friends since i cant even remember, then at the age of 13 i decided to spend the summer & every summer alone in the Gouna summer house and here is the surprise i had fan every single day even if there is no activities to do. this time i went with my super fun family and experienced Gouna in a different way than before as we had a little one year old kid who had to be introduced to her 2nd future summer home.

Seriously Gouna is just the place you are looking for to spend even the winter days in the best night/ day life so you don’t need Miami or Mykonos any more.

Hotel: Three Corners

Destination Hours: 5 Hours max from Cairo

Location: ELGouna, Hurghada


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