Fashionable grand theft auto!

Highneck tops & leather jackets are not just to warm your body but also will make you part of the GTA fashionable story.

Navy or black highnecks are a good choice the darkee the better & so as the leather jackets in 3 colors: black, brown & blue or grey. Put a grey piece and light color of denim pants to give the outfit a balanced spirit not to forget the running sneakers or leather white shoes depends on your what makes you more comfy.

  البلوفرات البرقبة طويلة و الجاكت الجلد مهمين و بيدو مظهر عصري و شوية بيمشي للشخصيات القوية. مع كوفية فاتحة زي الرمادي مثلا و جزمة رياضية هتدي شكل مناسب و يليق مع اللوك


Jacket: Jack & Jones

Highneck pullover: Gucci

Pants: Calvin Klein

Scarf: Levi’s

Shoes: Guess

Shades: Adolfo dominguez


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