Piazzini…your next dinning destination

For those who taste it well, your next destination is the finest Piazzini resturant.

Simply its hard to choose one or 2 items from the very interesting menu they offer, every dish is creative and has a one of a kind taste. From the pollo ai funghi to the filetto and lobester pasta you will live an unforgetable dream of unqiue taste. Not only but also the mango twist & tea tray they are just mind relaxing, Just make sure to order the new desserts menu its heaven on earth specially the pretzel dish with choco chips and ice cream.

لكل البيحبو الاكل الايطالي بيازني هو جنتكم الجديدة. المينو كلها تحفة من الفراخ و اللحمة للاستكوزة، لازم بردو تجربو المانجو بافانيلا و صنية الشاي بجد مريحين للاعصاب جدا. اوعو تمشو قبل متدوقو المينو الجديدة للحلويات لانها هتاخدكم لعالم تاني وانتم صاحيين

Go check their instagtam account for lovely valentine’s day offer @piazziniresturant

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