Black Attack!

Black never goes out of style and so as the dark denims, mix the black with such a colorful piece to give you a different shape & style. Blue can be perfectly matched with black, its kinda dark while its part of the hot colors pallet specially for those who has colored eyes to reflect the color on tbeir faces. Long cardigans are very in and trendy and so as the hightop sneakers so choose them in black to match almost all the styles and colors you have.

الاسود دايما موضة و ستايل بس امزجوه مع لون سخن مثل الازرق فيدي الاحساس بانه غامق كله. البلوفرات المفتوحة الطويلة موضة جدا السنادي فا اختاروها بالون السود علشان تناسب لبسكم كله


Cardigan: Zara

Tshirt: Diesel

Pants: Dolce&Gabbana

Shoes: Guess

Shades: Carrera





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