Trending classic at Good Barbers!

Its been too modern for a while but “Goodbarbers” welcomes back the  Classico!

everything in our lives is a trend from the fashion to the food and lifestyle that’s why they thought to bring back the gentlemen old cuts to look like the next James Bond.

all the tools are sterilized and the place is extremely clean so you don’t have to worry about the phobia of using clean stuff, also the service of not even moving to wash your hair and they actually bring the sink to you…Can you believe this ?

you will be able to find all the treatments you are looking for to impress everyone and look stunning.

الحلاقة حاجة اساسية عند كل الولاد و اكيد ليها موضة معينة كل فترة بس خلاص القاصات المودرن راحت عليها و الكلاسيك رجع تاني و بقوة في صالون جوود باربر. متقلقوش الادوات متعقمة و المكان نضيف اوي و موجود انواع كتيرة من ماسكات و تنضيف البشرة و علاجات للشعر

Barber: Ahmed

Pictures: Before & After

Location: Zamalek inside Hoxton House by Malak Elezzawy

Instagram: goodbarbers_






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