Men in Amina.k!

Men customers decided to go local and so as the designers.  Amina.k has this oriental identity of the Arabian culture meeting fashion that never been so perfect till Amina designed!

The brand has a variety of old/ new collections featuring different styles & colors from the casual shirts to formal shirts & galabya shirts , Also the bright colors gives a bold & edgy look to match everyone’s taste. All the pieces are lovely and stylish which makes the picking process harder & harder but with the friendly and helpful hospitality they will help you choose the perfect fit and take the right decision.  The price is very reasonable comparing to the quality of the used materials which marks as a plus.

الرجالة دايما بيدورو علي حاجات عملية تتلبس في كل مكان حتي لو كلاسيك, مش بس كدة ده حتي بيدورو علي مصممين مصريين علشان كدة Amina.K صممت مجموعات من القمصان الرجالي البتوحي كمان بهوية عربية و كمان هوية الماركة. صعب او تختار ايه ولا ايه بس المساعدين في المحل هيسعدوك تاخد القرار الصح. اسعار القمصان معقولة جدا مقارنة بالجودة الهايلة البتقدمها امينا

Collections now on 50%+ sale

Location: Hassan Sabry St. Degla Centre, Zamalek

Online shop:

Note: I personally picked the red and white striped shirt it can actually go casual and formal which is a great investment for a guy

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