Ampersand Breakfasts!

Zamalek is the place where the heart and soul stays, thanking to the new “Ampersand” eatery & garden we see the relaxing Zamalek from a whole new vision.

light is everywhere, across the glass & the open air area which is perfect for a mornings & weekends. the menu is interesting but the breakfast is a signature !!!

there are some plates you should order or you are missing a lot specially the people who have daily breakfast, they offer a variety of eggs, pan cakes & sandwiches.

the traditional pancakes with extra fruits can turn  your mornings upside down with a cheerful start too your day, although don’t miss the Egg plates its delicious and guarantees a healthy lifestyle…just don’t bother thinking what to drink they offer the best Hot Chocolate in town!

الزمالك و جوها الجميل بينفع دايما في الفطار و خاصة الاجازات, علشان كدة لازم تجربو Ampersand لان النور بيدخوله من كل مكان حتي لو مش منطقة مفتوحة. الفطار عنهم حلو اوي بس اكتر حاجات لازم تجربها هي البيض العيون و البان كيك مع الفواكه و متنسوش في الجو دة تطلبو الشوكلاتة السخنة لانهم احسن ناس بيعملوها

Location: Zamalek, Abo Elfeda st.

Open from 8 am

Note: some games available and wifi




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