Eye Fashion Optics

Eye Fashion Optics store opened their doors on the 3rd of Feb. featuring a variety of styles and collections from the most luxurious brands around the world for both men and women. Eyes do speak so choose what fits you not just the trendiest ones; here are the favourite picks from the store that can actually match each character .

النظارات مش بس بتساعد ناس كتير تشوف احسن او بنلبسه علشان تحمينا من الشمس, دي بتخلي شكلنا احسن و اشياك علشان كدة لازم تختار المديل اليليق علي وشك مش بس اجدد موديل و خلاص. دي اجدد الموديلات الموجودة في محلات EYE Fashion Optics من جميع كبار مصميم العالميين

Available at Concord plaza fifth settlement

opening event by Fashion Zone Agency


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