Campione Egypt

The elegant & classic brand just arrived from the land of powerful industries Germany. Campione Egypt is your first destination to stop by!

The brand has a variety of colors that suits every taste from pink to red and the official dark shades as navy and black. The brand goes more for yachting but it can actually suit all occasions depending on the pieces you pick, not only but also the lovely accessories that can change your entire outfit and match everyone’s persona.

Brand will be relaunched on the 7th of Feb by “Clannish” agency.

Available at CFC!

.Campione لو بيدورو علي لبس كلاسيك هتلاقيه في

اللبس  الكلاسيك هينفعك في الشغل او حتي الحياة العادية و هتقدر تلاقي كل الازواق النفسك فيها و الالوان كما


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